Delphi Brake Motors
Delphi ATDC /AT24
These motors include following features as standard unlike other brands which consider these features as optional:
The hand release lever: permits the release the brake, making it possible to rotate the shaft
The brake can be energized by connecting the supply to its terminals which are located inside the motor terminal box
The PTO thermal protectors in the winding on request.

Delphi ATDC series motors use DC brakes power supplied by a rectifier installed inside the motor main terminal box. Unless there is a different request of the client, rotomotive supplies ATDC brake motors with the rectifier already connected to the main terminal block of the motor, in order to permit to the motor ATDC Brake Switching to act at the same time on the brake.

In case that the motor is power supplied by a frequency inverter, or in case that the motor is used to move loads which can have an inertial movement, like lifted weights [such inertial movement can move the motor when the power is switched off, and the motor can act like a generator on the rectifier avoiding brake locking], disconnect the motor main terminal board from the rectifier, and connect separately the rectifier [ATDC].
Delphi AT24 series motors use DC electromagnetic brakes with 24V DC input type which can be operated through an inverter [usually having a 24Vdc port].
The performance of all brakes, in terms of Watt, Nm and time in Sec are shown in table given below
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